Get Going on Twitter with the Tweeting Goddess!

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For anybody that does not yet know, Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character (max.) messages called “tweets”. As a (primarily) free resource, it is certainly a cost-effective way to promote yourself or your business to a wider audience.

How big is the Twitter “audience”? According to “”, there are more than 465 million Twitter accounts, with 175 million tweets sent daily. In addition, Twitter is seeing 1 million new accounts opened every single day, so its popularity is growing. Also, it appears that Twitter users are more active and engaged than those on other social networks. So it looks like this is a medium worthy of exploration!

Previously, I had “played around” with Twitter, but I wanted to solidify my skills in this area. Who better to learn from than Samantha Kelly, the Tweeting Goddess herself? Samantha is an award winning entrepreneur and author, and Twitter expert – while also being a caring parent, and all-round nice person.

Recently, I was lucky to attend her popular Twitter workshop (sorry – last one until 2015!). The first thing that struck me was the down-to-earth and welcoming atmosphere. Samantha appears to have a talent not only for Twitter and business, but also for attracting positive people. The group in attendance were very friendly, and committed to their purpose – be that entrepreneurship, the environment, charity and helping others, or the creative arts.

Throughout the day, Samantha layered the learning experience with practical examples, and helpful hints, enhanced by interactivity with other active Twitter accounts in real time, to cement the educational process.

Samantha has a way of imparting knowledge while inspiring motivation and confidence. Regardless of anyone’s level of experience, we were quickly moving forward. Everything she teaches is hands-on, so what you learn, you apply straightaway. You can see the benefits immediately.

A workshop with Samantha is more than a workshop. She not only helps you take in the subject matter, but also to place it in the context of your work, project or personal life. She is honest, grounded and effortlessly professional. Having built her reputation, community and business from the ground up, she is a genuine inspiration.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get going on Twitter. Check out and @Tweetinggoddess, or click here for details of the next one!

Kelly, Upstarts.

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