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"Kelly from Upstarts is one of the very best interviewers I have come across, she is warm, intelligent, intuitive, and great fun, she has tremendous people skills, but also asks truly interesting questions and has the right level of empathy to accurately gauge when to listen and when to interrupt!"

Victoria Mary Clarke
Author, Journalist, Professional Media Coach

"I have been interviewed on almost every radio station in the country and I have to say that Upstarts was one of the most enjoyable interviews I have done. Kelly is a professional in every way and her personality cannot but put an interviewee at ease. She is friendly, clear, engaging and pays attention. I highly recommend her."

Donna Kennedy

Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker

"It's always a pleasure when Kelly's doing my interview.

The times I've had this experience I have found Kelly to be thorough in her subject research which shows up in her intelligent questioning.

She knows how to get great content out of the interviewee whilst showing them up to be experts in their field.

Kelly’s relaxed yet confident demeanour has a way of making the interviewee feel relaxed and gives them the space to demonstrate that knowledge.

I have also watched as she has managed several interviewees at the same time, making sure that each of them has got their fair share of airtime. A skill in itself!"

Howard Hughes

Leadership Developer